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1. Freedom Train
One of the most profound dichotomies in my life is the fact that the only person I can really change is myself, and yet for some reason time and again I choose not to.  Call it subconscious, call it unintentional, but whatever it is the result is the same: "It's safer to stay in familiar pain than to soar off into to unknown peace."  

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2. I'm In
Being "in love".  The phrase is over used, over worked, and over written and now is subsequently trite, cheesy and empty.  What a kick in the ya-ya to common colloquialism!  Oozing with groovy passion, it sings of an untamed love, reckless and free!
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3. Woke Up More
There are those magical moments when the soul wakes within.  When life seems more real.  Its an ageless concept that can apply to every aspect of living.    I've lived and breathed moments like these and I want more.
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4. Like It Needs to be Heard
Honesty. I'm big on it.   I can't always take it as well as I can dish it. But without it my relationships overall seem to suffer.  We laughed our heads off writing this one.  I've learned that playfulness can still be had in awkward moments of vulnerability.   It’s better to tell it like it is and hold on.
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5. I Keep Forgetting
It's all about learning to trust again.  Unfortunately, the pain and fear from being wounded in some past broken relationship make it so difficult to trust even the kindest and most noble of hearts.  It's just so hard to remember that a safe relationship is actually safe once you've been burned by the fire.
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6. Straight to the Soul
Sharing at the level of soul and spirit.  That's what really lasts. Mix it with some mutual attraction and its an amazing rare find.  This is a fun reminder of how great a feeling it is when you stumble across it.  I can't imagine singing about it quietly.  This ain't no sit down song.
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7. Wait a Little Longer
Healing. Affirmation. Blessing. Understanding. Forgiveness. We all need to receive it, - and give it. Why do we keep waiting? Time doesn't stop. But somethinginside us does. Complete release and peace is waiting, but time isn't.
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8. Something Deeper
It's a mysterious power. An inner strength. Whether supernatural or by choice, it appears to help the heart press on into a new realm of life and relationship. I'm challenged by it on a regular basis.   It's not a dream. It's something very real and tangible.
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9. Where Are We Now
You give everything you’ve got and get nothing in return or you give just a little and get way more than you bargained for!  I can't tell you many times I, along with the rest of humanity have asked the age old question of all relationships. 
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10. Refund
Dating relationship gone bad?  Spent a lot of money?  Wasted a lot of time?  Wish you could get it all back?  Well, jump on the bitter band wagon just for a moment and demand a refund. 
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11. Sail the Ride
LET IT GO!  Whatever it is that worries and stresses me.  I let it all blow to the wind and trust.  I believe there’s a promise of peace whether the storm is raging or the seas are calm.  I’m not alone.  There is help for the weary and I plan on enjoying the journey of life.
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